April-May - Paths on the Island of Elba

Over the past few years, The Tuscan Archipelago National Park has organized a month of trekking excursions and special events in connection with slow walking, nature and the discovery of the past.

There are completely free guided excursions every day along the paths and mule tracks of the Island of Elba so you can see the significant differences between the islands of the archipelago at this time of the year when the scrub is in full bloom and offers many different colours and perfumes.

Hotels, restaurants and shops give special discounts to those who take part in the Festival. There is no subscription fee for the festival or the excursions.

For further information please visit the official web site at: www.tuscanywalkingfestival.it.

This year too there will be numerous special events at the Walking Festival so you can discover the many different aspects of the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. The central theme of many of the ecursions is "eco tourism in the Tuscan islands".

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