Certain this prize will become a regular appointment in Elba culture, the Barbiellini Amidei Prize for Journalism was created with the aim of giving the right importance to young journalists up to the age of 35. The prize is awarded to the article that has best described contemporary Italy in the newspapers, magazines and web sites, and to the best local and national radio-television programmes. At the prize giving ceremony, run by the Commune of Marciana, not only are the young winners present, but also famous national and international journalists.

The Prize was born in 2008 under the Patronage of the President of the Republic, and is dedicated to Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei, writer and journalist, already assistant editor of the Corriere della Sera and editor of Il Tempo, as well as a university lecturer.

Information: Commune of Marciana 0565 901215

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