There is a wide selection of sea beds and what you can find: sandbanks, crumbled rocks, sheer drops, shipwrecks

For scuba diving lovers, the sea in Elba is more or less a dream come true. Sea, snorkelling and scuba diving lovers will all find a hidden treasure on the sea bed: sandbanks, crumbling rocks, grottoes, shipwrecks and sheer drops deep down that are home to many coloured forms of life that will take your breath away.

In Pomonte, at a depth of only 12 metres, you can swim down to the Elviscot shipwreck that lies near the Ogliera Rock; another wonderful experience, opposite Portoferraio, will be if you go down to a depth of 38 metres and see the wreck of the Junker, a plane from the Second World War discovered only recently.

Do not miss out on going scuba diving in the Scoglietto, opposite Le Ghiaie beach in Portoferraio; since 1971, this has been made an environment protection area, so it won't be difficult for you to image what wonders you can find around the sheer drop that goes down as far as 25 metres.

Regardless of where you go down you will never be disappointed. The scuba diving areas can only be reached by sea, and there is certainly no shortage of boats at all the diving centres in Elba; they are all well organised and the instructors are all experts, so rest assured you will have a wonderful time and be able to go scuba diving in complete safety.

Once you get to Elba, books and brochures with detailed descriptions with GPS information of the best places to go scuba diving can be found in any good bookshop, newsagents, or diving centre.

In the meantime dive into the Infoelba pages on scuba diving...they will give you a taste of what awaits you in the sea around the island of Elba.

Scuba diving routes on the Island of Elba

Suggestions at various levels of scuba diving on the sea bed of the Island of Elba, by Stefano Mazzei.
Le Cernie landslide
Going scuba diving at the Scoglietto means swimming in an environment protection area where most of the Mediterranean sea flora and fauna can be found.

The Elviscott shipwreck
The Elviscot shipwreck is near the Scoglio dell'Ogliera in Pomonte, Island of Elba, and is there just waiting to be explored.

Corbelli Rock
You will often see dentexes, sunfish and barracudas round Corbelli Rock in Capoliveri, near Innamorata beach.

Deep sea diving in Pianosa

Deep sea diving in the biology protection area and free areas in the sea around Pianosa.

Beach ordinance

Beach safety ordinance for the Island of Elba, drawn up by the Coast Guards of Portoferraio.


Advice for going scuba diving on the Island of Elba in complete safety and freedom, all year round.

Diving centres

Expert underwater guides from the diving centres in Elba will go with you when you go down, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Rental and refilling

Shops where you can rent scuba diving equipment in Elba: where you can hire and refill aqualungs.

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