Advice for going scuba diving in complete safety at any time of the year

There are many diving schools on the Island of Elba, and in all of them you can be sure of running no risks and enjoying yourself at the same time. Those who prefer to go scuba diving on their own must, however, pay close attention to the rules and regulations of the Harbour Office Ordinance (and this applies to wherever you go on holiday).

Thanks to the particularly mild climate, which helps to keep the temperature of the water pleasant even during the winter months, you can go scuba diving at any time of the year. We advise you to wear a semi watertight wet suit from November to April, whereas from May to October you can go down wearing a normal 5 millimetre wet suit; in Spring we suggest you wear somrthing under your wet suit, especially if you intend going down deeper than 20 metres.

Sub buoy As in the rest of Italy, in Elba it is strictly forbidden to do underwater fishing with an aqualung.

You are allowed to go down during the night, but every sub must use his starlight so anyone will know he is down, as well as having his own light plus a spare one. Please make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment and paperwork on board: sailing tax, insurance, fire extinguisher, flares, life jacket, etc. Spot checks at sea by the Coast Guards are very frequent.

Same attention as regards sailing: it is strictly forbidden to sail nearer than 200 metres from the beach, or nearer than 100 metres from the coastline, unless you go very slowly and at a right angle to the coast. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises please get in touch beforehand with the Harbour Office in Calata Buccari - Portoferraio tel.0565.91.40.00, and read the Beach Ordinance very carefully.

Coast Guard tel.1530 - tel.0565-91.40.00

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