Expert underwater guides will go scuba diving with you, be regarless of how much or how little experience you have

The Island of Elba is a scuba divers' paradise, and offers many areas to go scuba diving in; you can get to most of them by boat, with very few that you can reach from the shore.

The vast number of types of fish, microorganisms, sea weed and coral on the seabed in Elba will stun you. Expert underwater guides will go with you when you go scuba diving, whether the route is easy or more demanding, depending on how much experience you have, and they will make you love this sport as you discover the wonders of the crystal clear sea round the island of Elba.

There are expert scuba diving guides and fully qualified instructors in all the diving centres on the Island of Elba, who will go with you when you go scuba diving in beautiful and exciting areas; almost all the diving schools hold courses at all levels, from sea baptism to advanced courses, with a diving certificate at the end of the course. Even If you wish to go scuba diving at night time, or see shipwrecks, or go deeper down, with NITROX; water tight wet suits etc they will go with you. Most diving centres are spread all over the island, and the schools follow the PADI, NAUI, SSI, SCUBA and NASDS short all of them!

In this section you will find a lot of useful information about whatever you might want to know: the phone numbers and email addresses of the major diving centres, detailed descriptions by divers of the most beautiful areas, and areas you can get to both by boat and from the shore.

If, on the other hand, you are an instructor and wish to organize diving excursions for the pupils from your school, just contact any one of the many diving centres; not only will they give you useful information, they may even leave their large, equipped boats at your disposal.

Moreover, most diving centres and shops that sell scuba diving equipment also hire and refill aqualungs, so, if you have come to Elba with your dinghy or boat, don't will have no problems in finding everything you need!

Infoelba advice: If you take any good photos while you are down, send them to us. We will be very happy to include them with your name in our photo gallery!

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