You will often see dentexes, sunfish and barracudas around this rock near the Innamorata

Lets go scuba diving along a wall of rock - the sea bed in Elba has a vast choice - and go to the tiny Corbelli Rock, off the [page id="291"]beach of Innamorata]/page] on the southern side of Elba.

The most interesting area to go scuba diving is probably at the northern part of the Rock. On the rocky sea bed that goes down as far as 15-17 metres, you will see two huge rocks, leaning one against the other, that create a narrow passage with the "roof" covered in parazoan.

Before swimming further down to a depth of 27 metres, you can see ahead large dentexes, and, if you are really lucky, some cute sunfish, or maybe even a shoal of barracuda. Swimming down along the wall, amidst yellow gorgonias and spirogyra, you will also be able to admire several species of colourful nudibranches; be careful here, however, because the current can be quite strong sometimes.

Only if you go further down to a depth of 40-45 metres will you be able to see fans of red gorgonias, and in the many gorges, amidst tiny branches of coral, dozens of lobster feelers will appear by magic; in the larger cracks and gorges usually some shy groupers and various shoals of sargos and corvinas like to hide.

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