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For those who love scuba diving, the Island of Elba is without a doubt a perfect combination of holidays and scuba diving.

The sea bed will give you endless emotions: the rocks, rockslides, grottos, shipwrecks and cliffs that drop sheer down into the deep blue water are very rich in many different forms of life, like red gorgonia, coral, nudibranchs and lobsters.

Around the Island of Elba there are numerous areas for scuba diving and you can go down regardless of the weather conditions because you will always be able to find somewhere sheltered from the wind.

Here is a list of the scuba diving areas that are well worth going to and whose beauty you will never forget.

Le Cernie landslide

Going scuba diving at the Scoglietto means swimming in an environment protection area where most of the Mediterranean sea flora and fauna can be found.

The Elviscott shipwreck

The Elviscot shipwreck is near the Scoglio dell'Ogliera in Pomonte, Island of Elba, and is there just waiting to be explored.

Corbelli Rock

You will often see dentexes, sunfish and barracudas round Corbelli Rock in Capoliveri, near Innamorata beach.

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