Those who wish to go deep sea diving in the unpolluted sea bed of the marine park of Pianosa may now enrol

Swimming in the unpolluted seabed of the island of Pianosa has been allowed since the summer of 2013. With the collaboration of the Island of Elba Diving Authority, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park infact now grants this, though only to a limited number of people at a time.

At the moment there are only about ten areas where you are allowed to go, all clearly marked off with buoys, but access is allowed solely through certified diving schools and solely if you are accompanied by the Region of Tuscany environmental underwater guides. It must be said however that this is only a trial period, granted by the Park Authorities after much research and scientific monitoring.

For lovers of deep sea diving, this is a chance in a lifetime to see one of the richest areas of fauna in the Meditrerranean.

Deep sea diving in Pianosa
Those who wish to do deep sea diving in the unpolluted sea bed of the biology protection area of Pianosa may now enrol.

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Island of Pianosa
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