Those who wish to go deep sea diving along the unpolluted sea bed of the marine park of Pianosa may now enrol

The Island of Pianosa is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, whose main aim is to protect the sea around the island so it will remain an enchanting and totally unique area, especially for lovers of scuba diving.

With the aim of giving Pianosa the importance it rightly deserves and preventing that its natural environment be ruined or even modified, since 2013 the Tuscan Archipelago Park Authorities have allowed scuba diving on the condition that certain rules and regulations are obeyed; although as yet it is only on an experimental level, the Park Authorities made this decision after a detailed study from a scientific point of view.

The Ministry of the Environment, the Region of Tuscany, the Commune of Campo nell'Elba, the Port Authorities and the Diving Associations of the Island of Elba (CED) all took part in this project.

Seven mooring buoys to be used for scuba diving - in full respect of the sea bed - have been positioned in specific areas; four of them are for the authorized Diving Centres that have the task of coordinating the scuba diving tours, and two are for the use of public offices, first aid and emergency organizations and for surveiilance.

Only small groups of scuba divers at a time are allowed in the biology protection zone in the waters of Pianosa, and only if they are accompanied by the Region of Tuscany authorized underwater environmental guides or Park Authorities certified divers. Although scuba divers of any level may take part, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park stipulates that they must have at least the Advanced level cerificate or that of level ll.

Download the scuba diving Rules and Regulations concerning the marine area of national interest around the Island of Pianosa >

Scuba diving is permitted both within the biology protection zone (on the condition that the forementioned rules and regulations are obeyed) and in the shallows around Pianosa. Scuba diving is open to anybody and does not require authorization on behalf of the PNAT.

Going scuba diving in the waters of Pianosa is without a doubt one of the most suggestive and wonderful experiences you can ever have; for 150 years it was not allowed, so the natural environment and above all the pristine marine environment as well as the fascinating sea bed is full of surprises, thanks to the wide variety of fish to be found there.

Since the fish are not used to the presence of scuba divers around them they are in no way intimidated and don't swim away, and you can be sure of taking many incredible photographs also due to the fact that the water is crystal clear.

The underwater sight that opens before your eyes is unique and will leave you speechless: groupers, lobsters, eagle rays, yellowtails, moonfish, crawfish, barracudas.

It is a chance not to be missed.

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