Amateur fishing in the sea around Elba

Amateur fishing in the crystal clear sea round the island of Elba is very popular; thanks to the richness of the sea bed; not only the expert who has been fishing in Elba for years will catch something, even amateurs will be lucky.

Here you will find the Port Authority rules. Remember you are not allowed to fish in any port area, or in the sea opposite the two beaches of Le Ghiaie and Le Viste, because both are part of the environment protection area of the Scoglietto

Art. 5 Fishing

  1. During the summer season, any type of fishing whatsoever, different from underwater fishing at point 2.; is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in the first 200 metres from the beach and 1000 metres from the cliffs from 08:30 to 19:30. The exceptions to this general rule are: fishing with a rod from the pier or rocks (natural or artificial) as long as there is nobody in the sea; using a clam rake, on foot only, forbidden at the weekend and on holidays, if there are people in the water, from 09,30 to 19,30.
  2. Underwater fishing is controlled by the articles 128bis, 128ter, 129, 130 and 131 of the fishing rules, approved by the President of the Republic on October 2nd 1968, no. 1639, later modified and completed. To be more precise, IT IS ALWAYS FORBIDDEN to do underwater fishing in the waters of the Circondario beaches, with people in the water, for at least 500 metres from the shore. IT IS FORBIDDEN to walk amidst the public with an underwater weapon loaded.
  3. Whoever does underwater fishing must make his presence noticeable as the law requires (a red flag with a white stripe across), and can only fish up to 50 metres all around the flag or his boat.
  4. Anyone on a boat must keep at least 100 metres away from the underwater swimmer's flag.

Safety rules for swimmers

Rules and regulations for underwater fishing

  1. Underwater swimming with a scuba tank is allowed everywhere, on the condition that the the reason is scientific or photographic.
  2. Fishing with a mask and harpoon is allowed anywhere except for the Le Ghiaie area, the islands of Capraia and Montecristo and the basin in Portoferraio.
  3. Fishing with scuba tanks is not allowed, but only in breath hold diving.
  4. Underwater swimming must be done at least 500 metres from the shore and at least 150 metres from the cliffs.
  5. If you do undewater fishing you must have a boat near both you and your warning buoy.
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