Hospital, first aid station, chemists and emergency assistance on the Island of Elba

The emergency medical assistance in Elba is very efficient, and during the summer months extra staff are hired. The Paediatrics ward and the hyperbaric chamber in the Hospital in Portoferraio are open 24 hours a day.

The Police, the Emergency Medical Service and Fire Prevention are all over the island, and all have their own branch in each municipality.

The Civil Defence Service is also present all over the island, and not only do they help with the Emergency Medical Assistance but also have numerous volunteers in the Fire Prevention Service.

Banking and foreign exchange can be can be done in any of the numerous banks and cashlines on the island.

There is no natural gas on the Island of Elba, so gas is sold in cylinders which you can buy from any of the authorized dealers to be found all over the island.

Most towns have a Post Office. You should have no problems using your mobile because all the phone companies have aerials all over the island.


Useful phone numbers for medical assistance and police: emergency, police, fire brigade,coast guard.

Tourist first-aid

Tourist first-aid phone numbers, the free first-aid service on the Island of Elba during the summer.

Women's crisis centre

Anticrisis centre if you need any information or assistance to flee from violence.

Vets and their availability

Addresses of the vets in Elba and when they are available

Banks and cashlines

Addresses and phone numbers of the banks in Elba, with details of where all the cashlines are.

Camper and caravan facilities

Campers and caravans may only be parked inside campsite areas. A list of areas in Elba where you can park, empty and refill your water tank.

Associations and boards

Various cooperatives, associations and boards on the Island of Elba

Public utility services

Plumbing and swimming pool maintenance, gardening, various utility services.


Chemists and pharmacy dispensaries on the Island of Elba, phone numbers and addresses of the chemists in the towns and villages.

Mechanics and car dealers

many mechanics all over the island if your vehicle has any problems or if it needs to go through its MOT.

Cruise Calendar Portoferraio

Up to date calendar of cruise calls to the Port of Portoferraio on the Island of Elba.

Summer Mass times

Holy Mass times on weekdays and holidays for the summer on the Island of Elba.
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