Parking, water tank and facility areas for campers and caravans

On the Island of Elba you are allowed to park your camper or caravan only within campsite areas, because any form of free camping is strictly forbidden both by the local town laws and by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. You risk being fined even if you simply set your picnic table or rest your camper on its support blocks. The only areas where you are allowed to park, refill or empty your water tank (apart from campsites obviously) are:

La Perla Camper Area (in Campo all'Aia - Procchio)

The Area Camper La Perla only 50 metres from the beach, looks onto the enchanting Gulf of Procchio and is part of the "La Perla" Sporting Club.

Tel: +39 338 2876231 - +39 349 2685368

Bioelba Agricampsite

The Agricampeggio Bioelba sits right on the beach in Ferrato, Capoliveri, and has facilities both for campers and caravans.

Tel.: +39 0565 968240 - +39 340 8938608

ElbaCamper SostaArea

The AreaSosta CamperElba is only 150 metres from the beautiful beach in Marina di Campo.

Tel: +39 347 1363157 Antonio - +39 331 7555650 Beppe - +39 346 4118753 Fabio

Area di sosta Colombi Stefania

Parking area 72h (0-100 metres from the beach).Campers only. Facilities: water disposal and refill, toilets, showers, electricity.

Tel.: +39 340 3221831 - +39 0565 968527

Orti di Mare Agricampsite (Lacona)

Agricampsite and car park only 400 metres from Lacona beach, with facilities for campers.

Tel.: +39 331 5867805

Porto Azzurro (loc. Bocchetto)

The camper and caravan facility area is 1 km from Porto Azzurro in the direction of Rio Marina, near the cemetery, on the right hand side of the road.

Cavo (in San Bennato)

Camper car park with water, electricity, water facilities, outside showers and barbecue. You may only empty or fill up. Only a 400 metres walk from the beach.

Tel.: +39 0565 949724 - +39 333 4708729

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