Choosing your holiday accommodation in Elba Island

Are you looking for accommodation for your 2019 summer holidays on Elba Island?

On this page you will find a complete choice of flats, residences, rented houses, hotels and B&B that meet every need: whether you wish to spend the night in a hotel or in an apartment right on the beach, in a quiet hotel perfect for families or in a residence complete with swimming pool, whether you prefer the full comforts of a 5 star hotel or a luxury villa, Infoelba is at your complete service.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a nature holiday, you will find a list of all the campsites near Elba’s best known sandy beaches with both tent and caravan/camper sites, holiday farm centres with rooms to let, small bungalows or annexes.

The only choice to be made is whether to spend your holiday right on the beach, in the country, inland or near the places of interest: once you have made your decision all you need to do is start looking... your holiday has an ally at your disposal: Infoelba is by your side!


The perfect Hotels for your holidays on the Island of Elba, 2 to 5 star hotels, hotels right on the beach, for families, that are environment friendly.


Residence flats and holiday homes: facilities and prices for every need.


Holiday flats on the Island of Elba: rented apartments, holiday homes, economical, for families, summer flats.

Villas and holiday homes

Your holidays in 2019 on Island of Elba in villas right on the beach or with swimming pool

Small villas and detached houses

A selection of best small villas and detached houses on the island of Elba.


List of campsites in Elba Island for a nature holiday meeting new people and enjoying yourself.

Farm holiday

Island of Elba nature holidays in Farm Holiday Centres, flats, rooms, one room flats, two roomed flats in the peaceful countryside.

Farm holiday campsites

List of Farm holiday campsites in Elba: a holiday in close contact with nature

Bed & Breakfasts

Island of Elba bed and breakfasts, hotels, apartments, rooms for a relaxing, sea holiday in Elba.

Luxury accommodation

Exclusive Hotels and Villas for a dream holiday.

Tourist agencies and realtors

The best realtors and tourist agencies on the island of Elba, to find the house of your dreams or book your holiday on Elba.

Travel agencies

The best travel agencies on the island of Elba for booking your holiday in Elba.

Estate agencies

Look for your dream house on the Island of Elba through the estate agencies in Elba

Looking for accommodation

Search page for hotels, campsites, residences, apartments and villas for your holidays on the Island of Elba
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Farm holiday centres

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