For a comfortable holiday near the beach: choose the most suitable flat for your holiday in Elba

Staying in a flat right on the beach means a completely relaxing holiday . Getting up, having breakfast then two steps down to the beach...having a swim, relaxing in the sun on your sunbed or reading a good book or a magazine under your umbrella. Having a simple lunch in your shorts or sarong then straight back to the beach...or going to your room for a nap and going back to the beach when you feel like it, no worries about having to take the car. Perfect for those who have children. Realising you've forgotten something in your flat is no longer a problem.

For those who believe "a holiday in Elba" means staying in accommodation with all the mod consright on the beach, for those who wish nothing but a time of complete relaxation at the water's edge on one of the many beautiful beaches on Elba... here is a list of apartments right on the beach, to be found all over the island.