Hotels on the Island of Elba that respect the environment: energy and water saving,recycling

Some of the hotels in Elbahave been awarded prizes by Legambiente for their work in protecting the environment and trying to offer an environment friendly tourism. This means they have taken on various tasks concerning reducing energy consumption, reducing water consumption and also recycling where possible.

The use of adapters to reduce the flow of water, purification and recycling plants so the water can then be used for irrigating parks and gardens, solar panels and energy saving light bulbs are all but some of the reasons why these hotels stand out. Not forgetting building work carried out following ecological plans, or meals made using either non GMOfood or organic products.

Some hotels provide manual bicycles and electricones that enable you to get about without worsening pollution, others have made agreements with trekking guides, diving centresand the use of mountain bikes, or they provide information on how to get aboutfreely surrounded by nature, an aspect of Elba that thankfully is still a priority.

Some of these hotels are within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park!