Children's Festival held in June in all the towns of Elba

For the whole month of June, theIsland of Elba turns into achildren's island, a magical land where activities, games, fairy tales and shows are held for children.

Children's fun is at the core of all the events, with the aim of giving them the chance to live unique experiences so that they learn as they play. They can do nature sports like sailing, underwater swimming, snorkelling, kajak and cycling; they can follow nature tracks, or play in laboratories where they also learn; in short, every type of activity where they can get to know the traditions and history of the Island of Elba, for example studying flowers, learning about animals, and finding out about minerals and mines.

Not forgetting shows, entertainment and music where even small children can "re-live" their favourite fairy tales and even "meet" the characters from the magical world of fantasy.

The conclusion to the two week programme takes place in Sant'Ilario where the first edition was held, and this is when the whole village turns into a made to measure, children's open air theatre: games,learning laboratories and shows that are spread out over the last few days of the festival.

During the day, children can go on excursionsalong with donkeys, or take part in laboratories where they will learn how waste can be recycled, and much more, while in the evening there are several theatrical shows with clowns and music that are not to be missed.

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