The Island of Elba is perfect for sports lovers who wish an active holiday

A holiday on the island of Elba isn't just going swimming in the crystal clear waters of one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful islands; it's also getting to know its ancient traditions, its nature, its colours and its entertainments.

Make sure you are well organized if you want to live what the Island of Elba has to offer to the full: the sea, and water sports like scuba diving, diving, fishing, sailing and kayak sailing; these are the best ways to see the wonders of the sea bed and discover the colours of the tiny, hidden inlets: for lovers of land sports, on the other hand, the best ways to take in the perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub are to stroll along the paths at the top of steep cliffs, or go by mountain bike, or on horseback; the numerous traditional and historical celebrations will shroud you in a unique, magical atmosphere, as well as the live music in the squares, local celebrations, evenings in pubs, discos and night clubs, markets and stalls selling crafsman products and sports and food and drinks exhibitions.

If you wish, you can also take part in any of the many courses held in Elba: foreign languages, cookery, sailing, scuba diving, golf, tennis, and even free climbing!

Just come over to Elba and let yourself go in a world of pleasure and emotions.

Outdoor sports

Discover the perfect island for outdoor sports: mountains, sloping hills, springs, Elba is an outdoor gymnasium!

Land sports

Perfect place for cycling with never ending paths for trekking lovers, Elba is perfect for those who wish a holiday that combines nature and physical exercise.
Elba by bike
The beautiful conformation of the territory and a mild climate all year round makes cycling across the best way to discover the Island of Elba

Trekking routes in the varied countryside of the Island of Elba, one of the most suggestive in the Mediterranean.

Free Climbing
A simple guide for those who wish to do free climbing on the Island of Elba.

Horse riding
There are several equestrian centres on the Island of Elba where you will find company for your excursions on horseback.

The Acquabona Golf Club on the Island of Elba has one course in the Tuscan Arhipelago National Park, and is a 9 hole course.

Five-a-side football
Pitches for playing five-a-side football during your holiday: Portoferraio, Marina di Campo and Marciana Marina

A list of tennis courts and clubs so you can play during your holidays in Elba.

Water sports

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word islands is
Snorkelling and scuba diving fans will find a real hidden treasure on the seabed in Elba. Diving centres in Elba.

Amateur fishing in the crystal clear sea around the island of Elba is allowed: rules and suggestions for practising this sport.

Sea kayak
The island of Elba is the perfect place for those who love the sea and kayak trips, for those who love sailing along the rocky coasts.

There are numerous sailing schools on the Island of Elba that offer courses for adults and children, for amateurs and experts. Getting a boat licence in Elba.

Enjoyment and relaxation

Where to go for an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday in Elba. Night clubs, cinema, theatre and much more
Elba has many indoor cinemas, some with 3D films.

On the island of Elba many theatres hos both plays and concerts.

Night life
During the summer there are many nightclubs if you want to drink, chat , dance and have a good time till the early hours of the morning.

Play parks
In Elba there are play parks to suit all ages and tastes. Inflatables and trampolines, minigolf, everything for everybody.

Water games
Where to find water games fo having fun on the beaches on the Island of Elba. Banana boat, windsurf, water skiing.


Strolling along the narrow streets of hillside towns or along the sea front of sea towns in Elba you will find typical handscraft products.
Weekly and evening markets
The weekly markets in the squares in Elba are a characteristic way to do some shopping in Elba.

Typical products
There are many typical items and products from the Island of Elba that suit every pocket: perfumes, cosmetics, minerals, jewellery, watches and food and wine

Some of the shops on the island of Elba that sell a wide variety of products. House decor, embroidery, electrical appliances.

Special events and exhibitions

The most important events that for years have brought popular traditions in Elba back to life, emotionally involving both locals and tourists.
Numerous spring special events and exhibitions in Elba: Walking Festival, Napoleonic May, scooter and motorbike gatherings.

Many musucal exhibitions and historical revivals in summer in Elba: the Lovers' Legend, Mediterranean Jazz Festival.

Fter the summer, Elba offers both sports and food and wine special events, like the famous Elba Rally, the Grape Festival, the Chestnut Festival in Poggio.

Even in winter Elba comes to life with many special events: Christmas markets, feasts in the squares, food and wine feasts.

Special events of the past
Special events and exhibitions once organized on the Island of Elba.

Elba and culture

Although writers, poets, artists and scientists have been to Elba, many other people that given a significant contribution to Italian culture were born here
The Island of Elba in literature
A journey across the words of writers and poets from all over the world who were fascinated by the Island of Elba

Courses and study trips

On the Island of Elba if you wish, there are courses all year round in foreign languages, Italian, photography, sailing, scuba diving, tennis and free climbing.
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