Three different routes if you want to discover Elba by bike

Sea, sun and gourmet cuisine. These are not only the main ingredients at the heart of a unique Elba wine, Aleatico, but are also at the base of the words bike and territory, sports and traditional gourmet cuisine, or if you prefer, the Tuscany Bike Challenge, the new circuit that is part of the race known as the Island of Elba Gran Fondo,

In 2015, this event was part of one of the most important local cuisine exhibitions in Elba, the so called "ElbaAleatico, a bunch of history".

You can choose one of the three following routes:


  • Light, the name of the route that is 67 km long;
  • Classic , 80 km long;
  • Marathon, 107 km long, perfect for those who want to see as much of the Island as possible.

There are often many bends along the routes, and the ground is often bumpy; the French style departure - not all together but one after another, each at a fixed time - means arrival time is different for each cyclist.

There are three different routes and times:
the first, from the 22,900th km to the 31,000th km (Marciana), is valid for all three routes;
the second, from the 56,900th km to the 59,200th km (Monumento) - for Marathon and Classic only;
the third, from the 83,000th km to the 96.600th km (Bagnaia) - valid for Marathon only.

The race goes from north to south and from east to west of all of Elba, and gives cycling lovers the chance to see the entire island in all its splendour: going from the pleasure that comes from the actual competition to the discovery of the whole territory, not forgetting the much loved competitive spirit.

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List of winners

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